What Is Interior Design Really All About?

What is an interior design all about? Remodeling or decorating your living space can be as simple or as bodacious as you want. At its core, interior design is all about fantasy. Your home decor should express who you are and what makes you happy. People should be able to look at how you have decorated your living space and know about you. How much you reveal of yourself and your style is up to you.

Colors tell a lot about a person. Warm colors might say that you’re open and inviting. Bold colors might say that you like to have a good time and live life to the fullest. Cooler colors might say that you’re reserved and you keep to yourself. Working your favorite colors into your interior design might be difficult if you enjoy some of the more bold or bright colors.

Working your interests or passion into your interior design requires some guts or self-confidence. While you might be tempted to follow the latest trends or fashion, you have your own style. You have your own likes and dislikes. You have your own interests and passions. What are your hobbies? Do you like to collect things such as watches or clocks? Maybe you enjoy traveling or spending time at the beach. Working these things that turn you on into your everyday surroundings might take some courage but you will be surprised by how many people enjoy learning something about you and your unique style.

Maybe you’re a book lover and you always dreamed of having a little library. Why not work that into your interior design. Even if you don’t presently have a room that you can devote to a library, why not choose a corner of your living room or den to create that ambiance that you dream about? A few nice quality bookshelves, a comfortable chair and a reading lamp might be all that is required to bring out the desired effect. A side table for your tea and you have your library oasis.

Perhaps you enjoy traveling and you want to feel like you’re back in your favorite country or city. A few things from your last trip to your exotic destination along with some colors or artisan crafts from that part of the world can capture the essence of that place that you long to be. Searching for things that remind you of your passion is part of what makes designing a space so much fun. Focusing on your interest or hobby is what makes life worth living and takes us way from the tedium of day to day life.

Let yourself be known through your home decor. Put yourself out there and think outside the box. Anybody can follow the latest trends and make their home look like a picture perfect postcard but it takes some thought and courage to go against the tide and let their inner being become a part of their interior design. It will feel more authentic and pleasant for you and as a result your guests and family will find that being in this space will make them feel closer to you. Interior design can be the ultimate expression and outward work of art that you create that people can become immersed in.

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