Is It Time to Renovate Your Home: A Checklist

Home renovation projects can be expensive. The costs begin way before the actual renovation happens, as you have to hire the services of an interior designer first. Afterwards, you have to spend on materials and labour, and other miscellaneous items for the project to push through.

A lot of homeowners shelve the idea of home renovation and prefer to do minor repairs whenever the need arises. However, renovation is as equally important as repair, mainly because it is a form of prevention rather than cure. 

Are you thinking of renovating your home? If you believe it is time to do so, then here’s a checklist to see whether you are on the way to making the right decision:

  1. Are there parts of the house that require revamp?

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Repairs can be easily done. You can replace a broken faucet in the kitchen sink or install a new light source once the current one expires. You can also add plaster to a roof with a leak. However, there are instances when your home has incurred more pressing issues that cannot be addressed by mere repair.

Your house may already be facing worn out floor planks, walls infested by termites, and ceilings are starting to weather due to rainwater seeping through them. If any of these are starting to take over your home, then a renovation would be better than repair. This is mainly because through renovation, the root causes of these issues are resolved either using in-depth repair or parts replacement to ensure that these problems won’t arise again.

  1. Is your home design no longer serving its purpose?

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A newlywed couple may start living in a one-bedroom apartment, but sooner or later they will raise a child or two, or maybe even more. As their children grow up, they have to make sure that their home can accommodate their growing needs.

Home interior designs are crafted to serve the purpose of the homeowner. At the same time, they are subject to change depending on the homeowner’s necessities. The current design of your house may have served its purpose for several years, but it may not be able to do the same kind of function now. Hence, if you feel like it’s time to create an extra room or to break down walls to enjoy a bigger space, then the situation calls for a renovation job.

  1. Your current home interior style is already outdated.

A house’s architectural design is intended to last a lifetime, but its interiors are a different story. Let’s say you have inherited a house from your parents; you may then expect that the interiors are antiquated and reflective of your family’s history. 

In this case, you may want to pursue a renovation project. The goal of the project is not only to update the interiors to match your style but to preserve the integrity of the home as well. You may keep the original interiors intact, but give them a modern or contemporary approach for the overall space to serve your needs better.

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