Is It Time to Renovate Your Home: A Checklist

Home renovation projects can be expensive. The costs begin way before the actual renovation happens, as you have to hire the services of an interior designer first. Afterwards, you have to spend on materials and labour, and other miscellaneous items for the project to push through. A lot of homeowners shelve the idea of home renovation and prefer to do […]

Corporate Interior Design – The Ideal Office Look That Is Welcoming To All

Anyone who wants his or her business to grow would attempt to incorporate corporate interior design. It will give a sense of purpose within the corporation, exude professionalism and character, bring out a touch of fashion and trendiness, and has a motivational aspect that is linked to the effective participation of the employees. Hence, doing interior design for any company […]

Engaging Technology is Key to the Future of Great Interior Design

With nearly four out of five Americans online visiting sites, the internet clearly represents an increasingly important channel for design studios. Technology is in constant evolution and we want to explore ways to make it easy for customers to engage and get inspired and eventually translate and change their homes with our help. For us these are the most inspirational […]

An Introduction to Modern Interior Design

When people think of interior design, images of perfect looking rooms in beautiful homes often come to mind. Certainly, some well planned interior designing took place to create such a beautiful venue, but modern interior design is not limited to the most exclusive and expensive homes. There is a real function for interior design as well. Not just in homes, […]